Bank of America Bungle

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Bank of America Bungle

Postby Volcanon » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:09 pm


Has anyone ever had a wrongful inquiry reversed?

My fiance's credit score is a humble 650. Until recently she has refused getting a credit card, due to mishandling one in the past. We are working on building her credit score back up and I convinced her to apply for a BofA rewards credit card. And she got it. Card comes in the mail. $1000 limit. The inquiry was a little ding on her score.

Then, one week later ANOTHER BofA credit card comes in her name. Different number and everything. And a second inquiry pops up and hurts her score even more.

Now I don't know what we can do. Can that second inquiry be erased? This second card probably screws up her average credit age even more. Can/should we get that stricken from her credit report?

So irritating. We were thinking of refinancing our mortgage later this year too. Her lower credit score is the one that really matters.

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Postby ceemee » Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:51 pm

Did she not apply for 2 cards? If so, contact BofA and tell them to close the card and delete the inquiry/new account. If some kind of fraud occurred, you may need to freeze her credit reports.

Although, if she somehow applied for the second, she might as well keep it because they will age together and help with utilization.

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