Not all debts claimed during bankruptcy discharged

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Not all debts claimed during bankruptcy discharged

Postby ConsumerA » Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:05 pm

I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue. I filed for bankruptcy last year, debts were discharged... all but one. I did claim my "bill me later" account, and it was filed with all of my creditors... however maybe a month ago I had to log into Paypal to check a refund I received and transfer it.. and I noticed that it wants me to make a payment of something like $700 on a $200 bill.

I've checked my credit reports, and looked at everything listed in detail (just now... again)... and nowhere on there (nor was it the first time, we had to claim it separate)... is it listed. Bill me later, through Comenity Capital bank is NOT listed on my credit report... and it isn't clearing. I've read off of the Paypal forums how lots of people who got sucked into it were upset with the charges that it imposes (which in fact are insane) as well as the fact that it's near impossible to cancel the service.

So question... if this creditor is NOT appearing on my credit reports, but is also NOT clearing up after about a year since the discharge.. is it still hurting my credit score?

If so, (I know that I have to file more papers to have it cleared...even though I KNOW we claimed it in my paperwork with my lawyer, and it's listed as discharged... I looked over my papers filed)... what is the best way to go about clearing this up?

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Postby MemberSince99 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:50 am

If it's not on your reports as a negative item it's not hurting your score.

If they try to collect you will have to show them that it was discharged in BK and then give them a friendly reminder that attempting to collect on that debt is illegal and it is no longer a valid debt. I mean they can ASK you to pay a trillion dollars if they want to, and you can also ASK them to go pound sand.

While they can't LEGALLY do anything to you, I would still unhook my bank account from them and not do any further business with them. After all if they just decide to take the 700 they want from you then it will be up to you to fight them over your own money and they would be betting that you simply can't do that (as most wouldn't other than whining which they couldn't care less about). Corporate America owns the government and runs it for its own profit and they have little if any fear of violating the law. So it's prudent to be smart and not give them the opportunity to shaft you as that's just too tempting for them to resist, it's like leaving Twinkees on a plate at a Weight Watchers meeting and expecting to find any left.

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