Equifax (and TransUnion) Upgrade

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Equifax (and TransUnion) Upgrade

Postby thom02099 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:52 pm

From the administrator of the myFICO message board:

As of March 16, FICO is transitioning to the 08 version of Equifax. It's not an immediate, everyone is there kind of transition. The Administrator stated in a posting that users would be transitioned over several months. So some folks may be seeing differences in scores, others may see a change next month...or the month after...or the month after. I can't imagine it taking more than 3 months to transition.

In a separate posting, where the question was posed about an upgrade (finally) of Transunion from the antiquated 98 model, the same Administrator posted that FICO was migrating their TU product to the 08 based model, and plan to make that product available as soon as this summer.
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