What plastic/metal is in your wallet?

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Postby djrez4 » Mon May 26, 2014 9:22 pm

waffled wrote:Debit side:

Debit? :(

Another shuffle lately...
Normally, CSP, Freedom, Arrival, and AEP. The Ink sits in a drawer, but takes care of reoccurring 5x charges.

When we travel, CSP, Arrival, and Platinum. The It comes along to Asia.
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Postby nismoZtuner » Wed May 28, 2014 3:26 pm

waffled wrote:Debit side:
- Charles Schwab
- Wells Fargo
- Scotiabank

Credit side when in America:
- AMEX Gold premier rewards
- Chase Sapphire preferred
- Chase freedom
- BOA cash rewards
- citi diamond

Credit side overseas:
- Chase Sapphire preferred
- Discover IT
- Capital One platinum

i`m thinking about going form etrade to Schwabs. any feedback?
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Postby Freedomtodiscover » Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:13 am

nismoZtuner wrote:i`m thinking about going form etrade to Schwabs. any feedback?

Why not consider Fidelity and consider their Fidelity Amex to go with it. Should compliment it nicely.
HSBC Premier - $32K
Amex BCE - $10.5K
Chase Freedom - $5K
Discover IT - $3K
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Postby Dman316 » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:05 am

Read my signature.
My Cards

Chase Freedom Visa Signature: $5.2K
Capital One Quicksilver Visa: $7.5K
Discover IT: $5.5K
Huntington Voice World Mastercard: $1.6K

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Postby Jeeders » Thu Aug 07, 2014 2:12 pm

Capital One QuickSliver 1.3k
Discover It 1.5k
Marriott Rewards Premier 5k
Discover It 1.5k
Capital One QuickSilver 1.45k
Marriott Rewards Premier 5k

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Postby Damien2014 » Fri Sep 05, 2014 3:11 pm

My cards

Nordea Visa
SEB Visa

Credit cards
Nordea Black 15 M SEK - 2,136,370 USD.

Charge cards
Eurocard Gold Corporate NPSL - From work
American express platinum NPSL

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Postby terrydawn » Tue Oct 14, 2014 2:08 am

Currently carrying in Wallet:
Amex Plat
Amex EDP
Amex SPG
In Wallet:
Amex Platinum, Amex SPG, Amex EveryDay Preferred, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom

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Postby subhanrukh » Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:20 am

Amex blue cash everyday - 10k limit
blue from amex (my first card) - 3500 limit
quicksilver capital one - 5k
BAC better balance - 15k
BAC signature visa 3k

I think i need a great card maybe with an annual fee which I can use for everything... any suggestions?

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