Credit application fraud??

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Credit application fraud??

Postby mshoppa » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:51 am

Is it legal to apply for a credit card using a former address? I recieved mail indicative of a former tenant applying for a credit card. Prior to relocating to another state, a change of address was filed with the postal service 9 months ago and until this, there has been no mail delivered to my address since their departure. The twist is there is a relative with the same name but slight variation of spelling who does not live with me nor uses my address as they live elsewhere. My relative has informed all credit agencies to be notified for activity. Knowing the former tenant, I sense inappropriate activity is intended. Isn't this illegal? What can I, as the homeowner do to prevent this misrepresentation? I do not want my address used for fraudulent activity.

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