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Postby JoDa » Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:02 am

I guess my complaint is that if I *can* report a zero balance, and *never* pay interest, my spending habits should be of no further use to potential lenders. As the system stands now, I can demonstrate I'm only spending cash I have on hand or will in the next month to potential lenders by simply paying the card off. If you let them access my history, then they see I sometimes run it up to as much as a few thousand dollars (when traveling or making major purchases), no matter whether I have the cash to support those charges. I simply don't think lenders would use this information to *my* benefit, instead probably saying "so, I see you had a $7K balance for two weeks back in X month...please explain." Even if I paid it off in full immediately or before it reported or at least before the payment date. I can also see them using the "high balance," even if not reported, in DTI calculations, which, of course, do not consider savings (I save for vacations and major purchases before I spend) and can seriously ding you if you're making major purchases.
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