Hello! A question from a new member!

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Hello! A question from a new member!

Postby aradlicz » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:32 pm

Hello everyone,

As you may notice I am a new to the forum and a neophyte to the "credit game" as well, I was hoping that some of you much more experienced individuals may offer me some insight.

Here's some context: I'm 22, just opened my first credit card a month ago with USAA, have no other credit history or debts (Ive paid all of my bills in cash in the past, including my education & car)..at the moment I am aspiring to get a Chase card- ultimately the Marriott rewards visa-however this is more of a long term goal, as my job will require frequent traveling and I could greatly benefit from the rewards.

In attempt to supplement my thin file, I have become an authorized user on my father's Marriott Premier Rewards Visa (which he's had for 15 years), and my fiancé's amazon visa by chase (new card, but she has a aaoa of approx 3 years).

I have paid my past bill in full and have used 11% of my available credit...I plan on doing the same for this next month. So here's the question- considering my circumstances, what are my chances of getting approved for a Chase freedom or any other chase card, and does being an authorized user affect the AAOA on your credit score.

Thank you in advance for your guidance!

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