My recent expereinces with "pre-qualify" sites

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My recent expereinces with "pre-qualify" sites

Postby MemberSince99 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:28 pm

Lately before I've applied for any card that had a pre-qualify site, I always used it to see if I was pre-qualified.

Most recently before I applied for the Barclay Arrival, I checked their site. I was not pre-qualified for anything. However I applied and was instantly approved.

I checked the Citi site as well (I certainly didn't expect anything here). I had nothing there as well. I applied and got the notice and eventually got the card.

After forum members here suggested going for a Freedom and then moving that limit over to the CSP, I checked the Chase site and it did pre-qualify me for the Freedom. I applied, got the 7-10 day notice and called next day for approval.

I figured I'd share these experiences. I think the odds of approval are a little better if you are pre-qualified, but it's not necessarily relevant. Also if you are pre-qualified it's sure not a guarantee either - I've been pre-approved for Amex and was declined on applying. So it's always YMMV.

I thought of putting a list of links to pre-approval sites but it's easy enough just to Google the one you want like "Chase prequalified credit cards" or something and get there in case the link changes.

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