New here..and to credit/ seeking advice

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New here..and to credit/ seeking advice

Postby gcg813 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:08 am

just got my first cc..cap1. two months ago. don't have anything else yet, but have tried. don't want to waste my pulls, but says I still have no credit file. hoping to improve on that, tips on where I should go and more importantly who and what to stay away from would be greatly appreciated.

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Postby MemberSince99 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 5:26 pm

My advice is just use your card for 6 months and allow it to build a credit history for you. After you have a 6 month history with in the credit bureaus, and have your utilization at 10% or less, apply for a couple of other better cards, such as Discover IT, Chase Freedom, maybe even an Amex charge card. DO NOT apply for anything else right now you will just be wasting your time and it will drive down your score a bit when you need every point after your Cap One has been reporting for 6 months.

If you do what I suggested you should hopefully be able to get one of the cards I suggested. Once that happens, use that for another 6 months, and with utilization at or below 10%, then apply for another card or two.

This gives you a roadmap for the future of just what to do that gives you a real shot at better cards. If this doesn't work please write here and let us know and we'll suggest other strategies for you.

Good luck!

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