Creditors who won't let you pay them

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Postby flan » Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:14 pm

whit wrote:Me neither, I have been doing so for years and nothing so far *knock on wood*

For paper checks you write from ur checkbook yes,

But just want to say, for bill pay you don't have ur actual account number on it, the way it works is the amount is deducted from your account immediately and placed into an account with the bank that's doing bill pay, e.g. Chase has a bill pay account that it sends ALL of its bills from,

Depends entirely on the bank. Some work this way, some don't.

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Postby australianamex » Wed Jun 11, 2014 11:31 am

MemberSince99 wrote:You know I find it kind of strange how hard some of them make it to pay them, which they say is the priority but you'd never know it by how difficult they make things.

For instance - Citi. I see my statement date is tomorrow and I've been spending on it, so I go to make a payment this morning and they flat out will not let me do that. (I get a message saying my payment amount is higher than my statement balance - yeah but it's equal to the current balance, so what?)

So now I will apparently have a balance post on this card because they will not allow me to pay it. Seriously WTF.

I think I'm going to call on the way to work and see if there is a way around this insanity. Do these guys want to get paid, or not? if it was me I'd be hell yeah you can pay let me make this easy for you. But that makes sense so why do that.

And why does this bother me? Simple - the Barclay card was new and I did not know the statement date on that and I didn't want to call if I didn't have to because of the huge wait times these days from the Target debacle. So that posted 60 some dollars before I could pay it. Now I'll have 2 cards reporting and that will kill my score for a month.

What a PITA it is juggling these things anyway. I'm not sure how it will all shake out, but I have no intention of adding MORE cards to the mix, and this might help prompt me to trim down a bit. It's just too much hassle juggling different cards worrying about can I use this card now or do I have to jump to this one and paying them before the cut off and all that and NO I do NOT repeat NOT want to push automatic payments to anyone. It will NOT solve the problem of having a 0 balance only covering your minimum anyway - I just want to point that out before some budding Einstein posts how that would solve the issue - it does NOT solve it.

It's going to be "survival of the fittest" and I'm just going to keep the ones that I like best (basically the ones that give me the least PITA for one thing).

There's a lot of litigation against Citi, and amex, especially in the mortgage foreclosure process, robotic signing of legal processes where payments are 'missed', and predatory lending accusations.

Personally I prefer the mafia because they like to be paid and they send people to your home to get it :)

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