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Credit Card Progress

Postby CEMoore » Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:57 pm

Last April, I posted on this forum when I had just begun using credit cards. I am what you may call a "senior citizen" and I had previously used cash or cash instruments exclusively. I was denied for an AmEx Green due to a collection which I then paid off and was approved for an AmEx Gold a few months later. Since then, I have really gotten started.

My current list of cards is as follows with the credit limits:
American Express Gold Card (NPSL)
USAA American Express ($12,000)
USAA World MasterCard ($8,500)
Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature ($10,000)

I use the USAA AmEx and the Chase Sapphire mostly (the former for gas & groceries, latter for dining). I keep the Gold because my fiancee prefers that one. I use the MasterCard for Sam's Club.

I do not have a need for much credit and I pay my balances in full each month. I am told by USAA that in one more month, they will increase my credit limits by as much as doubling them. I am sure Chase would not be opposed if I asked.

What do you recommend for other cards I should pursue? I am ready for a round of applications as soon as tomorrow.

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