Rebuilding and Applying now

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Rebuilding and Applying now

Postby chosen4th » Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:25 pm

Current: Credit Karma 665 My Fico 655

Building my credit back up from 505.. Have a few credit cards totaling 2200 in avail credit. 40% UTI but once they report i will be at about 10%.. Also getting on a family member tradeline with 10k limit and 5%uti open for 7 years.. Im trying to ultimately be able to get a personal loan for like 15k.. i make 80k.. Tried upping my capital one CL and they denied me saying my score was 584, yet my scores above are very current.. Im expecting after my uti reports and my new tradeline reports, i should be over 700.. no collections, no lates, a judgement from a couple years ago thats paid

My question is, does this sound reasonable to get to 700 with those things, AND not only do i wanna try and get a personal loan, but id like to get a credit card thats not an embarrassment to take out.. A nice amex or a chase with good rewards.. What should i apply for once these reports hit my credit report


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