I might have gotten myself into a bit of trouble...

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I might have gotten myself into a bit of trouble...

Postby goodlemonade » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:00 pm

Hello, I have an issue I'd like to get some advice on.

Last Saturday, I was shopping around for my first credit card so that I could start building credit for myself. I was looking at Discover cards, started to apply for the Discover It card, but didn't have the $10,000 income they required to be considered (I work part-time and live at home, the only expenses I have are student loans and gas.) My brother mentioned that I might try applying for the student card since they didn't have a required amount of income to apply.

Now, I am a student at a University, but I'm not currently attending classes and when I do go back, I'm going back as a part-time student. I filled out all information on the application truthfully (my major, expected graduation date, etc.), because I will be returning to school and am definitely still a student in good standing there. However, I guess I failed to read the fine print that said you had to prove full-time enrollment, because after I actually sent in the application, the website took me to a page that asked me for proof that I was enrolled full-time in school. Since I didn't have this proof and still don't, I just closed the page. It also said that if I couldn't produce proof right now but could later, they'd send me a follow up email so I could do so, but that email never actually came.

At this point, I just assumed that when I failed to produce any proof after a few days, the company would deny my application, my credit score would take a relatively minor hit, and I would tuck my tail between my legs for six months or until I felt comfortable enough to try again with a different card. However, I got an email today (monday the 25th) saying that my Discover It card is on the way, and that "we're delighted to have you with us!"

I have no idea what this will mean. Are they going to refuse to activate the card until I produce proof of enrollment? Or did they just ignore the full-time student requirement and the fact that I produced no proof whatsoever? I feel like my credit is going to take a much bigger hit if they issue me a line of credit and then cancel or revoke it because of the enrollment issue, and I feel a bit weird about having my first card being dependent on me being a full-time student when I'm simply not. Regardless, does anyone know what will probably happen?

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