Disputing Contractor's Bill?

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Disputing Contractor's Bill?

Postby Drntrader » Sat Oct 26, 2013 1:36 pm

Does any one have any information on this? I placed an order for my kitchen countertops.

I paid 50% when I placed the order. When I went I to the place of fabrication, my countertop was fabricated with a large seam which was not agreed or I was even notified. To make long story short, I called my credit card immediately and I tried to cancel the payment and dispute the amount since the owner did not want to fix the problem.

The countertop has not been delivered because the work was unacceptable and not agreed to. I have a temporary credit.

Is it truth that if the item has not been delivered or accepted, the credit card has to
Issue me the credit? Thank you!!!!

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Postby DoingHomework » Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:53 pm

That's a tough call. They do not have to issue you a credit. If this is a high end card like an AMEX platinum then they likely would.

But in the end they will review the contract you have with the contractor (written) and follow that. When you placed the order you almost certainly signed a contract. That contract might have said there will be a seam if it is over a certain size for example. Read your paperwork and you will probably find your answer. You have a legitimate dispute even if you lose. I would pursue it. The contractor might want to make you happy even if he is in the right.

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