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Postby MemberSince99 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:21 pm

I did the BofA pre-qualification and no cards came up unlike last year when a couple did (which is why I applied). So perhaps they didn't like that I closed their cards. Who knows. I'm not going to go for it, so I guess for now I simply stay with what I have. That's always subject to be re-evaluated, but what I don't need to re-evaluate is that the Duck Card and Associated Card are going to get the bulk of the swipes for a while, while the CSP is in the "sock drawer" so to speak. No point in even worrying about that one, where it makes sense to use it rewards-wise, I will, otherwise, the swipes go on other cards. (I had been putting some heavy use on it every month, hoping for a CLI, no point worrying about that now).

And before the annual fee comes due, I'll decide if I want it for another year, same with the BSP.

I did realize I could downgrade both cards to avoid the fee (the BSP to just the Blue Sky, and the CSP to just the Sapphire assuming they would do the PC) but if they seriously don't really want me as a customer, why fight it, I have a couple of great high limit cards already what more do I honestly need. Anyway there is plenty of time for cost/benefit and do I really want this analysis later, for now I just kind of put it to the side and keep what I have in place. Before the fee rolls around, I'll think carefully, my thoughts now are just move on from the ones I burned (though I want to keep the Gold card, as "will my charges be approved" was approved for 10k on that) but stay away from Amex revolvers that won't grow along with my internal limit. That's what I'm thinking. We'll see. But I don't want cards that are going to stay at 2k for many years that's just pointless for a travel card (for BCP it's enough though).

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