Best Cashback Credit Card For Big Spenders?

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Postby RewardHop » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:58 am

Robrus1 wrote:I get the US Bank Cash+ suggestion, but why BCE? With as much as OP spends a month on gas/groceries, wouldn't BCP be more beneficial? Also is the US Bank card capped?

Yes, you are correct. I meant to say Preferred. The OP will get about $100 extra from BCP over BCE even after $75 annual fee.
Amex BCE: 3% grocery, 2% gas
Bank of America Better Balance Rewards MC: $25/quarter bonus
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Chase Freedom Visa Signature: 5% rotating
Citi Forward Visa: 5% restaurants/fastfood, movie theaters,
Discover It: 5% rotating
SallieMae MC: 5% Groceries, Gas, Amazon
US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature: 5% electronic stores, restaurants
Sock Drawered: Chase Sapphire, Chase Amazon[/size]

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Postby takeshi » Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:32 am

biggestdan wrote:What am I missing?

You probably won't find a single card that maximizes each of your spend categories. And there's no single "best card for big spenders". Best is always highly subjective. Big is as well. Based on your OP you don't seem to mean "big" as in Centurion big. Avoid using such words and stick to numbers and specifics that we can use for recommendations.

At $500/month on groceries you might want to reconsider your "no cap" requirement as that would easily fit in to the BCP's $6K limit. You can do the math to compare 6% on groceries with the BCP versus other cards with lower rewards but no limit to determine the break even point.

Also consider how rewards are redeemed. The TrueEarnings issues you the reward once a year and if you want cash you'd need to redeem at Costco. With the BCP you can request statement credits as desired based on what you have accumulated in your rewards account. However, BCP cash back rewards are restricted to certain increments.

As yet another example, my PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards card automatically issues statement credits each month.

Compare and select what suits you best. You have to decide where you're willing to compromise.

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Postby Robrus1 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:20 pm

I agree with Takeshi. I use a combination of 4-5 cards to maximize my rewards/benefits. The cards I use may not be the best for others, because everyone spends on different things. All previous suggestions that everyone has given you so far has been good advice and information. At this point I'd suggest researching the mentioned cards, and choosing what you think is best.
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Postby willgatlin25 » Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:05 pm

DISCOVER... Hands Down. They will increase your CL multiple times if you're a high spender and make your payments in full. Also their CSR's are the best I've ever worked with of any company in the world. There's no foreign ring ding dong crap when you call up for help. Their rewards on the new IT card are pretty sweet, I just converted my acct to the IT.

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