Paperkarma App Great………..Unless ;)

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Paperkarma App Great………..Unless ;)

Postby Wildcat_1 » Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:12 pm

Thought I would share this quick tale here. I downloaded and started using a great app over a year ago called PaperKarma. This iOS app allows you to scan (with your phone camera) the junk mail you receive via snail mail and they unsubscribe you. It has cut down a lot of the 'stuff' that crams up your mailbox and I would recommend to anyone wanting to do this.

However, the cautionary part of this tale is when I started using this app I wasn't interested in using CCs to help with travel etc so I PaperKarma'd a targetted AMEX invite in Feb, haven't received one since :(

Now this could just be coincidence or it could be PaperKarma just doing their job very well. Either way at this point it would be great to have one of those 50,000 - 100,000 AMEX sign ups :)

So to recap, great app that does what it says it will on the tin ;) , however use with caution in regards to those mails you may want at a later time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, enjoy your Monday !


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