Need Advice re: Fraudulent charges

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Need Advice re: Fraudulent charges

Postby Oliver2013 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:15 am

Last year I opened a $10k limit charge card at a dept. store through an online application system. The day before I made my first purchase, it seems that a fraudulent charge was made on the account for $6k without my knowledge or authorization. The charge went un-noticed for about 2 months or so as the acct was on auto pay.

Once I discovered the fraudulent charge, I contacted the dept store customer service to dispute. I was made to run in circles without any hopes to resolve the matter. Fast fwd to July 2013, I was able to escalate my dispute to the executive office. After repeated attempts to dispute and request competent proof, signature receipts, etc..., my claim was denied.

Then, I learned that I should sign an ID Theft Affidavit and attach a police report to it. I proceeded to file a police report to further validate my claim. The police refused to process a report for ID theft due to lack of information... They too became frustrated with the process of dealing with the bank since a lot of time has passed. The bank can only produce acct statements. They do not have any copies of transaction receipts, transaction signature, or any other verifiable proof. Their record retention is only for 3 months. So now it is my word against theirs.

Last week I sent a letter demanding proof and threatening with legal action if they continue to report defamatory information.

What else can I do? what are my options.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Postby MemberSince99 » Sat Aug 03, 2013 7:30 am

I hate to say it but this is exactly the reason why people should not just leave an account on "auto-pilot". You made a critical mistake here by not watching this thing because you really only have so long to dispute it. If you had caught it right away it probably would have been easily resolved but since 2 months passed now it's going to be a real struggle. So this post isn't meant to ding you, but to illustrate what can happen to those who leave accounts open and on auto pay and ignore them because they just could never bear to close an unused account (I realize in your case you it wasn't unused or unwanted).

Having said that, I think you are going to need the services of an attorney at this point. What you can try in the meantime is contacting the BBB, and the new government consumer agency that deals with credit card disputes (you could also contact the FTC but from what I've seen they are worthless when it comes to things like this). You will really need to fight like hell now so you don't get stung by fraud. And please do take the lesson to heart to watch what goes on with an account that can be ripped off and that you in the end are liable for if you don't catch it. You have to be MUCH more hands on than you've been - at least check it every week or two, OR have it send you alerts along with weekly balances and READ them and make sure you know what's going on. Otherwise this is what can happen.

Not to you but to others here I want to repeat - still want to leave an account you never plan to use open forever and just ignore it and hope nothing bad happens because that only happens to someone else?

Good luck with this!

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