2013 Choice Credit Card: Are The Points Still Worth It?

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2013 Choice Credit Card: Are The Points Still Worth It?

Postby poncho » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:22 pm

With all these travel cards that have came out lately I’ve having second thoughts about my credit card from Choice.

- 2x points on everyday purchases
- 5x points on Choice Hotel gift card purchases
- 15x points on Choice Privileges properties

I always thought the Choice credit card was earning my 15x points. Today though I came across the post on this website that explains how only 5 of the 15 come from the credit card. The other 10 are thru the hotel loyalty program that has nothing to do with the card.

Wow. That was a wake up call.

How much are the extra points worth then if you only get around 1/2 cent each from them?

Since it has no annual fee I don’t want to cancel it but would I be better off directing my spending to a different Visa or Mastercard?

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Postby whatigot » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:57 pm

In short, no.

If you look at how much the points are worth you are getting more like 1% on spending, except for purchases from Choice which are along the lines of 2.5%. That along with the 3% foreign transaction fees got me to cancel. Choice credit card is a disappointment and if they want to get me back they will need to beef up benefits big time. Barclays though I had no complaints about. It was nice contrast to the inferior customer support I had gotten on my Citi Dividend which I cancelled too.

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