Best Buy vs. Apple Financing?

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Best Buy vs. Apple Financing?

Postby Nicole4usc » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:10 pm

My score is 620-660 depending on which bureau. I need a new Apple MacBook Air 13" and I'm not sure if its worth maxing out my current credit cards, or apply for a new one w/ Apple (Barclays? or w/ Best Buy (based on amount, zero % 12-18 month either way)? Which do I have a higher approval amount with, Apple or Best Buy?

I'm new to this group but love what I have seen so far. My credit was in 700-730 range but after graduating USC I have a high student loan $160k, and about $15k balance of 20k credit limit cards, but make $108,000 per year. Advice please? I don't want to run my credit and not get approved.


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Postby kp19 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:58 pm

I am not sure about Best Buy because I don't have a credit card from them, but I say if you want an Apple product that pricey, go with the Barclays card. Reason why is that it has no annual fee, and if you get a MacBook Air, they will give you a credit limit that will cover the the laptop so that you can just walk out with no money down. This is from my own personal experience. I got myself a MacBook Pro, last September in 2012. I got approved with a $2k limit, and my total expenses were about $1.7k. The only thing is, do not get it if you plan on buying other stuff and delay your payments because they give you one year of no interest from when you open it, so that you can pay for your laptop, but after that promotion period ends, they charge a very high APR at, I believe, 22.99% or something around that.

If you do not get approved, I don't think it will ruin your credit, because I think it's just a soft pull, but I am not positive on this. Maybe others can help you. Though, with as much loan and balance you have, I would suggest to lay off pricey stuff, and pay off what you have so that your debt ratio looks better too.

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