Guidance Needed

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Guidance Needed

Postby invest13 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:11 am

Hey guys,

11 months ago I received a Capital One Secured Platinum card ($200 limit). In that time all of my payments have been made on time with 9 being payed in full on time.

My current creditkarma score is : 701
My current creditsesame score is : 683

Within the next six months I would like to apply for a car loan but I'm worried about the fact my line of credit has never exceeded $200. Would this potentially keep lenders away fearing I couldn't handle a larger payment?

I applied for an American Express Green card the other day and was declined. I'm looking to get something with a 500-1000 limit to prove to lenders that I'm capable of paying off a larger balance, but I also don't want to keep taking hits every time I get denied for a new card

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Postby Robrus1 » Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:09 am

My only suggestion would be to keep paying on time, and perhaps give your secured card a higher limit. You also could try applying for a card through your lending institution.
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