Card for online student?

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Card for online student?

Postby jerrod22 » Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:22 pm

I have been looking at getting my first credit card lately, I am 20, and have an auto loan out from my credit union. As well as I show two other active credit accounts, being my student loans from Dept of Education.

Length of Credit History: 9 months. I make around $12.40 /hr + monthly bonus, comes to a average of around $1000 every two weeks. I also ref hockey in the winter months Nov-March, which brings in a additional $6000. Credit Sesame is showing a score of 685, and Credit Karma is showing 649.

I am a student at the U of North Dakota but I am only currently taking the classes online for the time being.

I've been looking at a few cards. I am really interested in the Discover It(/student) card which is interesting with the discover cash back, rewards, and seems to have good deals with Amazon, as well as the extended warranty. The downside is that it doesn't seem as accepted as Visa or MC.

I like Visa, and that is all I ever used for a debit card, as well as I work for a bank that uses Visa Debit, and I deal with Visa Customer Support every day, which seem to be very good in my experience. The downside is that from what I see you don't get the warranty protection unless you get a signature card(which are very attractive to me), which would be nice, but as my understanding I would not be considered to be approved for a signature.

The other option is through my FCU who I have had a account with for atleast 5 years, and keep active accounts + loan with. They offer a Standard visa, w/ ScoreCard Rewards for rewards(I have never heard of score card before), I believe with my history with them they would approve me for the card. No cashback, and from checking Google, ScoreCard rewards are worthless.

If I remember right, I believe I saw the Journey Visa card as well as some other platinum cards off the extended warranty program.

Any recommendations?

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