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Postby Vandalized2 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:37 pm

So something kind of really nice and kind of astonishing happened to me today!

I went into MAACO to get an estimate on what it would take to repair my car, and get it painted and we were running through the paperwork and some automatic offers popped up due to my good credit rating.
And the gentleman behind the counter was shocked at my rating and pre-approval offers and he definitely noted it and said it a few times, after that I asked him if they accepted AMEX because there little sign in there said they did not, but they ended up saying they did because that is all I have on me.

After I said that, his eyes sparked up and I could tell he really wanted my business after i said AMEX. Does everyone get this reaction that is the first time I have gotten that reaction? I am not going to lie I liked that someone respected me enough to see I have good credit and am responsible.

(He also was really persistant after that though, he continued to show me around the shop and introducing me to his boss and really hard selling the shop to get my business, great man!)
P.S. Hard work and dedication does really pay off!

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