2013 Citi Dividend card for college students sucks! Options?

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2013 Citi Dividend card for college students sucks! Options?

Postby rogiebear » Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:56 pm

Hi all,

I recent conversation with my brother got me thinking about credit card rewards, which I had never thought of before. I quick look at my rewards for my Citi Dividend Student Card made me realize I had $50 that I could redeem as a check. Huzzah!

That took me almost two years to reach, but I also wasn't using my card much because I didn't know about rewards. But looking at the reward opportunities, I was pretty disappointed: 5% for all purchases within quarterly categories (which never apply to me) and 1% for all other purchases. Pretty standard, but I think I could do better with other options out there.

I've done some research, but between all the reward programs and card stipulations, I'm not sure what's best for me. Could someone recommend me a card with opportunity to get more cash back than what I already have?

Some relevant info about me: most of my spending is concentrated in Amazon, restaurants, books, and music. I spend on average $400-500 a month. I have a checking account with Schwab and a savings account with Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct). I'm a college student, 20 years old, with excellent credit (>700).

I'd prefer a card with no annual fee, because any rewards I incur would likely be nullified by the fee. A card with no foreign transaction fee would also be awesome, but not necessary.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Also: would a credit card with rewards towards travel (like the Capital One Venture Card) be worth it at my rate of spending?


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Postby swipe_masta » Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:17 pm

Citi Forward for Students gives 5x pts on all the categories you mentioned. I heard it is a pretty good card.

I have both the Venture (AF $59) and Venture One (no AF) cards and like them a lot. The miles don't have to be used for travel, although it would be wise to do so cause you get the most out of it that way. Everyone thinks CapitalOne sucks, but I disagree. I think it depends on the cards you have with them and trust me, these cards are worth it! Their Perk Central shopping portal is really why I like these cards so much!
For example: my Venture gives me 2x miles per dollar on every purch. At their shopping portal, Urban Outfitters gives an additional 15 miles per dollar. That mean if I buy $50 worth of stuff I get 100 miles with an additional 750 miles! No other shopping portal I have used gives me that much extra points (depending on the brands that I shop) this maybe different for you. The Venture One gives me 1.25 miles per dollar spent.

I would say go with the AF Venture cause of the whole 2x miles, but if you don't wanna shell out $59 (which is cheaper than other AF cards) then go for the no AF one.

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