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new credit card user here

Postby anothertraveler » Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:56 pm

Greeting all,

First, I've got to admit that after looking into this stuff for the last couple of weeks, I'm astonished that you guys are able to keep track of all the details of miles, points, apr, fees, conversions, restrictions, and so on. Even looking for my simple nees made my head spin.

So, I'm here to (hopefully) pick your brain about which card I should get.
Thanks in advance for tackling this sort of newbie question again. I know it must get boring.

A little about me...

What purchases I've had to make on credit cards (airfare, ebay, amazon, etc)
I've used my parents card, to which I was added as an authorized user.
(side question... I've found conflicting sources that say I may or may not have earned a credit score for that activity... can you enlighten me?)

Since I got my last job about 2 years ago, it has brought a gradually increasing travel component, almost exclusively on southwest (cheapest, and flights from chicago midway to little rock)

Now that same job has me moving to little rock for awhile... so I need to get my own credit card.

I have a relatively high savings rate, and a good sized cash reserve, so paying off the card in full each month shouldn't be an issue.

Of course the first card that came to mind was the southwest visa card, with it's 50k points bonus (after 2k or 3k spend in 3 months)

(side question: visa vs mastercard... is this still an issue in terms of merchants only accepting mastercard?)

I continued searching, and before throwing my hands in the air in frustration and consulting this forum, I found articles praising the chase sapphire for it's 40k points bonus with a 1 to 1 transfer into southwest rapid rewards points.

Also highly ranked for general travel earnings, the capital one venture card.

My expected use of this card would be to pay for business travel (hotels, gas, food
and occasional southwest flights to chicago). Also general personal purchases (ebay, fast food, car washes, etc, etc, etc)

What Points I'd earn would probably be used for more flights to chicago on southwest for family get-togethers.

I'm happy to provide any info that would help with narrowing down the card I should apply for.


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