Getting a TransUnion Canada FICO score

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Getting a TransUnion Canada FICO score

Postby kelvSYC » Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:30 pm

As with the practice in the US, TransUnion Canada only gives out their TransRisk scores rather than FICO. (Equifax gives out FICO, but the scores between Canada and US are not comparable as they are on different scales.) For those of you who get their Canadian credit files, where can I find FICO scores off the TransUnion report?

(Yes, I recognize the discrepancy between my Canadian and US scores. I'm still three months after my three new US cards opened, my FAKOs just dropped 18 points this week, and other excuses inserted here. I could probably apply for new Canadian credit easily, but it's not worth it to me at this point...)
Current Credit Scores:
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Equifax - 726 (3-21-13, FICO from lender), 677 (6-16-13, FICO ScorePower Report)
TransUnion - 722 (10-10-14, FICO from Discover statement)
Equifax Canada - 810 (6-16-13, FICO ScorePower Report)
TransUnion Canada - 812 (6-16-13, TransRisk Report)

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