Want to make my next move a good move....

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Want to make my next move a good move....

Postby Hyps » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:50 pm

Been lurking for a while but finally feel like I need some assistance.

My first credit that reports is in December 2011 and is a joint car loan (which I pay) with my husband. I then applied for a Cap One card and have a $300 limit on that. No increases.

My credit report shows no inquiries, no collections, etc.

My scores are: myfico Equifax: 670, myfico TU 686, Experian 680

In an ideal world I would like:
A real visa CC
Amex Delta Gold (I try to travel a lot and Delta fly direct from Atl to Lon - bonus!)
Discover it (I'd like some stuff back)

At the moment:
I tried the shopping cart trick at VS and was pre approved for $750.

I'm a bit reluctant to apply for any of the first three. I'm concerned that if I don't get approved that it will "ding" my score.

Am I in a position to apply for something or should just wait a while longer??

Help please

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