Should I apply blindly?

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Postby rockyrock » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:26 am

s.jessica wrote:I know Cap1 is crap, but I'm stuck with their secured card, they have $800 of my money and I need it back. I was stupid, I admit it, now I need to fix my mistake. I really don't want another Cap1, but I'm afraid their the only place that will approve me, even then I'm not real comfortable if I apply for a newcomer card I would be approved. I was pre-approved for the Cash Rewards card, but I don't want to be stuck paying the $39 AF. I suppose if I don't qualify for the newcomer card then app for the Cash Rewards, they'll hp me 3 times twice!

Tried for a BofA secured card, denied - they don't like the "reported as uncollectable by creditor" crap. I'm thinking if I had the second Cap1 for a year then I could finally get up to a better secured card from BofA and I could then cancel my second Cap1 card.

Would I be better off if I just cancel the Cap1 secured card? I could get by with just the US Bank card but it doesn't really feel like much of a keeper either, just keep it because it's my only card and I have to. I could always go back to a Cap1 secured card if I have to but this time do it right and only put a small amount on it.

Sounds like you are going to apply...might as well try a few others on the same day. Give some of the ones 99 mentioned a chance.
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