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First Card Need Help

Postby xiphiaz » Thu May 23, 2013 3:27 pm

First of all, a little story about me... I'm a foreign who entered US as a student 3.5 years ago. In the first two years I always think "I will get one when I have time". So at the beginning of third year I opened an checking account in Chase and applied for a Freedom card. Dennied. "You don't have an account for more than 12 months." At that time I said "Oh, well", and applied again one year after. "You don't have enough account opened long enough." "What the ..." I almost said it out and opened a saving account right away.

That was my first three year in US. Later I heard that it's almost impossible to get any kind of card from Chase without any credit history. Then I started to look around somewhere else. I learned that the easiest cards are college cards. Unfortunately I graduated last December and luckily got a job. So no college cards. I checked out Capital One. Their "Newcomer" card is only for those who have been in US for less than 3 years. So no luck on this one. Since their other cards have annual fees, I want to avoid.

That was my trials so far. My expectation is a credit card with whatever limit, but no annual fee is important since this is the longest credit history I will keep. I only have account in Chase and a local bank not offering personal credit card. I checked BoA and Citi cards, but they seem hard to get too.

Really need a no-annual-fee card to start building my credit history. Any ideas helps. Thanks!

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