Personal CLi history

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Personal CLi history

Postby MemberSince99 » Sun May 19, 2013 12:34 pm

This is just for those curious as to what some lenders do in terms of CLIs. I'm only able to talk about the cards I've had. Hopefully others can fill in their experiences and we can get a balanced view. I personally have never requested a CLI so I can't speak for that. Hopefully others can.

Discover. Personally never saw any auto-clis from them. Underwriters and CSRs have told me you can ask for a CLI at 6 months. May or may not be a HP.

Elan Financial: Basically US Bank. You can ask them for a CLI after 6 months and it will be a HP if you ask. Auto cli on my Platinum after 7 months - 4500 and 1000 on my Signature as well.

US Bank: Auto cli after 2 months 2000 (Cash +).

As for BofA/FIA (same thing really) I have not had any auto clis. In fairness to them, I have only had their cards just under 6 months. But to tell you the truth I'd be shocked if I got any auto clis from them. Not really a big deal in my view as FIA has a nice limit already and 2% across the board so hard to complain.

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Postby Robrus1 » Sun May 19, 2013 3:44 pm

Chase gave me an auto CLI after 6 months on my CSP from 5K to 8K which was nice. I didn't know, I just logged in one day and it was there. Discover gave me a lovely auto CLI after 6 months from 4.5K to 5K, which was sweet. Kind of pointless, but sweet. I have never app'd for a CLI, but I plan on asking Chase and my credit union for CLI's this year, even though they will both cost me a HP. I don't plan on going for any cards this year so it's cool. I'm going to shoot for 15K from Chase and 20K from my credit union. The credit union app will be approved for sure, but we'll see about Chase. I thought a 3K auto CLI from Chase was pretty generous though.
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