Should I apply for another? Khols or C1 VentureOne/Cash

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Should I apply for another? Khols or C1 VentureOne/Cash

Postby rbai76 » Thu May 16, 2013 1:17 pm

Should I apply for another card? Khols or C1 VentureOne/Cash

Right now my credit score is 730-734 according to all 3 credit bureaus. Always paid in full ontime, always use no more than 25% of the credit limit.

The 3 cards I have are

PNC Secured $250 CL for 1 year

CitiDividend Platinum $500 CL when starting and just asked for a $500 increase today and was approved so it is now at $1000 CL, I have had this card for 6 months.

BestBuy card $800 for 5 months

When I am looking at my records everything seems to be great except for a short credit history of 12 months, and 3 inquiries.

So my total credit limit is $2050 between 3 cards

I am thinking about getting a khols store card to get the discounts because I need to do some clothes shopping and/or getting a CapitalOne VentureOne or Cash card.

When I went to the pre-approval link at CapitalOne I put in my info and that I have an excellent credit score and it said I was pre-approved for both cards.

Not sure if $20k income will change anything or not if I try to apply for the CapitalOne.

What do you all suggest I do?

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