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American Express Credit Service

Postby markeh » Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:11 am


I recently had a death in the family that required me to fly home (USA). Amex UK refused to accept the charge for the flight on my UK GOLD Amex card because my credit history did not match this spend. I averaged £500 per month for the past two year and had no outstanding balance. Even though I had no late payments or anything wrong in my credit history, Amex refused to pay. I used my US Green Amex card and got immediate approval.

Amex UK refused to apologize for their error, except to say the person should have transferred me to the right department. I cancelled the card after holding it for almost 10 years and dedicate the following to American Express Credit relations, and to their leaders Sarah Tucknott and Laura Cheshire whose indifference is boundless.

A Gold Card Client's Lament

You turned a cold shoulder to a long-term cardholder
Who used your gold plastic for years
Your snide condecension defied all convention
A death in the family brings tears

You denied all assistance to travel long distance
To lay my poor sister to rest
You refused me a way to arrive the next day
You claimed you were doing your best

A brother's devotion will cross a wide ocean
When travel arrangements are made
But American Express just pleaded duress
"We must make certain we're paid"

Now being frantic to cross the Atlantic
I urgently sought other aide
My credit was sound other credit cards found
I was supported instead of betrayed

Your deplorable service means you don't deserve us
Your cardholders do have a say
You just do not get it, there's alternate credit
You'll lose all your client's this way

At one time you knew what a customer's due
Now you're an arrogant diva
It is now my duty to stop kissing your your booty
I'll use MasterCard and Visa

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