What should be my next card?

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What should be my next card?

Postby R.Reborn » Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:03 am

Hi, I'm new to the boards and have been doing some reading, so decided to create an account in hopes that some of you may give me some advice.

I'm looking to get a new card and was thinking maybe a Discover "IT", or from what i've been reading maybe a Chase Sapphire or Ink (since i already own the Chase Freedom card), or maybe even a MasterCard.

Income - 100k a year
Credit Score - 700's

Cards Owned (listed from most used to least):
Chase Freedom Visa - 7,000 credit
Blue American Express - 7,500 credit
Banana Republic Visa - 2,800 credit
Chase ATM/Visa

I'm looking to get a new card very soon, but I'm sort of stuck and don't know which direction to go in (sort of lost). I guess to start, here are some of my questions...

What's a good number of credit cards to own?

Should I be owning one of each type of credit card (MC, Visa, Discover)? Or should I only be looking at the perks/cash back etc?

Here's a bit more about myself:
I don't do much traveling (maybe once or twice a year), but love the option of being able to use my points from my cards to purchase a plane ticket, or using credit towards traveling/car rentals, etc.. (i don't ever get a electronics from rewards site). I think the most traveling I do is go to Vegas (not for gambling but for entertainment/concerts). I fly with SWA when I can (else I drive out there). Now that i've mentioned Vegas. I usually foot the large bill on entertainment (which then are split between friends who pay me cash), which having a 0% interest for X amount of months would be a good option of a card to own right?

This coming July i'll be leaving to Europe for 2 weeks, I see there are a couple of cards that offer 0% international transaction fees. If this trip goes well I may be going on others afterwards if work permits. Would a card of this subject be of good use?

Also, I like splurge and enjoy my money earned, therefore I like going to nice dinners and do like to shop for clothing, or amazon misc. items, or home improvements.

Reason why i'm looking at the mentioned cards above:
Sapphire or Ink -
From reading on these boards it seems like the Freedom is favored only if used with the Sapphire or Ink card due to the higher rewards it gives when points are transferred. Would this be a good option for me?

Discover IT -
The 5% rewards look like a nice option to have, but do I really want another 5% rewards card? The reason I'm interested in this card is because I just think variety of cards would be a nice option to have, also because the 0% for I believe 15 months would be nice.

MC or Amex -
Is there a card that I should be looking into of these two? I already own the Amex Blue, but Amex support has been awesome with me and wouldn't mind having another one of their cards. As for MC, this would fall into the category of "it would be nice to have for variety". Is there a card that I should be looking into for MC?

Thanks for any feedback, and sorry if my post may sound a bit off, it's 3am and I'm trying to type this right before I hit the hay (have work at 8am).

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