How bad will it hurt?

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How bad will it hurt?

Postby kwalker629 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:43 pm

I have 2 capital one cards, 1 platinum with a $750 CL, 1 journey with a $2500. I also have a store (maurices) card with a $500 CL. I applied today for a discover IT card and was approved. Not sure what the CL on that one is.

My intentions are to transfer my $1500 total balances between the 2 cap one cards to the discover since it'll be 14 months 0% apr. I'm wanting to close the platinum as it has a $49/year fee. How will this effect my credit scores?

My experian is 731, my transunion is around 760, not sure what my equifax is.

Is the discover IT card better than the capital ones? I haven't had any trouble with them, but have heard quite a few good things about discover and am hoping the rewards are better.

thanks for the help!

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