the tiers on Alaska Airlines

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the tiers on Alaska Airlines

Postby SafariLori » Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:39 pm

I went to apply for Alaska Airlines CC, as the features are perfect for me and my husband. However, they have 3 different cards, and if in their opinion you don't qualify for their Signature (best) card, they WILL downgrade you to a lower-benefit card and you are stuck with a card that doesn't give you what you want or need. And, of course, cancelling it will have a very negative effect on your credit.

Has anyone else had experience with this card/company? I'm about 97% sure we would qualify for the Signature card, but the powers that be could, with the swipe of an uncaring hand, decide we don't qualify, then we're lost.

Opinions, please? Thank you!

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