What should I do in this scenario?

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What should I do in this scenario?

Postby PennyMan » Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:13 am

I have following dilemma and trying to solve it best way.

My credit history is very bad and low score, reason for that when I was young and fullesh I have screw it up, now I'm 27 and really want to get it fixed as it effects my life style and I'm tired using my father credit history for my car leases and his credit cards and simple stuff as cell phone service agreement.

Debt: about 30k but it includes one reposition from 2006 amount 12k on it.
History: few collections + tax lean that been paid off 3 years a go.
Goal: clean up my credit history and get high score.

Currently I've been using credit/charge cards that is under my father for 2 -3 years:
Charge Cards:
AMEX Platinum - avg spend 15k per month paying out every month in full auto payment
Chase Bold Inc - avg speeding 26k per month paying out very month in full auto payment

Credit Cards:
VIsa slate from Chase charing every few month 5k and have auto payment for $1000 every month.

MBFS $1360.72/mo auto payment every month.
MBFS $980.00/mo auto payment every month.

Rent: $4200/mo automatic bill payment check sent every month.

All my bills paid on time via auto payments as well.

Now back to debt, I have paid off a lot of debt in past and this year but my credit score still did not move anywhere it is just bellow 600. I'm able to pay off all debt without any issues but afraid I'm doing it wrong way as it does not increase even after I'm paying it off.

Now few questions:
1. Should I apply for secure credit cards? If so what the best ones?
2. Can I have above credit lines that is under my father and I'm using them report to my credit history so it will start building my history too.
3. What the best way to remove all negative feedbacks from my credit report?

Bankruptcy for me is not a solution to clean up my records because I don't want in a feature declare that I have filed one.

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