Disputing Old Addresses Before JackAttack Question

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Disputing Old Addresses Before JackAttack Question

Postby fl_226_2 » Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:40 pm

When you Jack-Attack (I still laugh everytime I say that) I've been told it's wise to dispute old addresses with the CRA's because doing that will help when you dispute details of the account being 100% accurate for whatever reason..
And i'm not disputing that. It may be right and help to trick the computers or whatever but:

Don't they see this time and time again and say, "Here's this tactic again, next he's gonna send a letter disputing a small detail of the account." And, then you do as they predict, then does that hurt the chance of having the derogatory removed because they've already labeled you a "Jack-Attacker"?

In fact, there are more than one addresses on there which really aren't accurate, as in- I've never stepped foot in a couple of the addresses.. But, what about the ones that you technically did reside there, how do you go about removing the legit address pre-emptive to the Jack-Attack?"

I guess there's probably sample letters out there... But it is a good idea, right?

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Postby MemberSince99 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:32 am

What I've found is even if what you are disputing is 100% wrong, the creditor will simply "verify" it to the CRA (my guess is this means they just say it's accurate) and the CRA comes back with it's been "verified" and it stays. And at that point your options are very limited.

I could be missing something, and maybe some of them mess up and don't "verify" or whatever and you get lucky, but in general, good luck with this tactic. Personally I disputed an old charge off account that was charged off over 20 years ago that should have fallen off LONG ago, but they keep illegally re-aging it (it may be illegal but it appears this is very selectively enforced and most just get away with doing it) and they probably will re-age it long after I'm dead, and they "verified" it, and it stayed. I complained to the FTC, and at that point I was out of options to deal with it. And complaining to the FTC as expected accomplished exactly nothing whatsoever.

So, good luck is all I can say. What your "rights" may be and what goes may be entirely different, as with many things like age discrimination in the workplace for example, or it being illegal to reject applicants based on criminal records. The law says one thing, but reality is something totally different.

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