SalliMae.. Will I get with my profile?

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SalliMae.. Will I get with my profile?

Postby fearlessdragon » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:59 am

I applied for penfed last month and and declined but my score is non scorable still and have AAoA just 3 months. I need a good gas card. Have Bank Ameri card for that which gives 3%. Since penfed is very stingy how about applying for Fortknox CU which also gives 5% in gas..

I am planning to apply to SalliMae for grocery and gas card. I wont cross $500 per month for these needs.. Please tell me whether my profile will get me SalliMae.

My Profile: I am not a citizen
Got my 1st CC in Dec end 2012. Bank of America $500 limit
Discover IT $750 : got in Jan 2013.
DCU $3000 : Got in Jan 2013
Cap one $500 : Got in Feb 2013 end

My CK score: 675. EQ and EX are non scorable

Please let me know how good my profile for Sallimae and Fortknox.. Also I am in Texas.. Not in KY..
Bank of America 123 Secured card - $500. - $39 AF - 01/13
Discover IT -$750 - 01/13
DCU Platinum Visa-No rewards -$3000 -01/13
CapOne Cash Rewards for
Newcomers -$500 -03/13

No scores in EQ and EX because of Thin file
CK score is 698 as of 04/22/2013

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Postby DavidNY » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:28 am

The Barclays Sallie Mae monthly cap is $250 for groceries and $250 for gas, not $500 combined.

I think you have a better shot with Barclays than Fort Knox.

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