How realistic is Credit Karma? Seeing weird things

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How realistic is Credit Karma? Seeing weird things

Postby Luxe » Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:19 am

I like that CreditKarma gives me a sense of my score but I am not confident in their accuracy (are the reported Transrisk and VantageScores exactly what TU reports?). There are a couple issues with the service that reduce my confidence in them.

For one, my approval odds for some Chase cards will suddenly change from poor to good just by navigating around the site, even though my scores have been updated and haven't changed. I also have basically no idea why they (sometimes) say I have a poor chance of getting a Freedom but good change of getting another card with the same or higher average credit score. I can only assume that AAoA and other factors play a role but it's really unclear and little better than the FICO blackbox.

They also can't keep track of their cards. Why are there at least two pages for the Freedom card with two different score statistics? The one at says 707 average/637 minimum, and says 694/643. It's the exact same card!

With issues like these I start to doubt the accuracy of their scores, unless it is straight from TU and actually updated each time I tell it to. Are there scores trustworthy? What about their card approval odds? I'm wondering if I'd get a better answer just calling up the issuers and asking them directly.

(Guess what? I logged out and back in. Suddenly I'm no longer a "good" candidate for the Freedom card :mad :)

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