What should I do about my cards?

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What should I do about my cards?

Postby rbai76 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:51 am

Right now I'm 19 making around $16,000/year, I have owned a $250 pnc secured cared for almost a year and have always paid on time, around August I applied for a bestbuy credit card and wasn't approved, later in November I decided to check my credit score and it said it was around 700, so I decided to apply for a citi dividend student card and was approved for $500, then later in December I decided to re-apply for the bestbuy credit card and was approved for $800.

So far everything has been paid on time and I haven't put any more than 25% of the credit limit on each card.

Right now I'm a student working full time and don't pay rent, I would just like to get as much credit as I can just in case of emergency and it would be helpful in the future.

Should I try closing out my PNC secured card and try to get an actual card from them or what?

Any suggestions?

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