Hi! New on here and in need of a little advice.

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Hi! New on here and in need of a little advice.

Postby RRH716 » Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:15 pm

Hi like most new people I have been stalking this forum for quite some time. I am in need of some advice with the BankAmericard.

I have been trying to get my credit back in order the past 6-9 months and I have done a decent job of it (got my utilization down to 16% from 90% in two months and kept it down and its now at 6%!) :) . The only thing is I have two capital one cards and I really hate them. I would prefer to eventually put them away and only use them every so often. I want to replace them with the BankAmericards. I recently got approved for the 123 card and I like it and would like to get another one in the future but my question is which one and when should I apply for another one?

I have semi-decent credit now (mid 600's when it was in the low-mid 500's) and I hope to keep it going up. any tips on how to get that up some more too? I have never missed a payment and never been late on a payment.
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