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Next Card?

Postby JSS3 » Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:00 pm

Hello. New member here looking for some advice. :oooo

I'm a 30-something recently divorced mother of 2 trying to rebuild my life and build credit. Prior to getting married(over 10 yrs ago), I went to a technical school and took out two loans(had no children then). We paid off those two loans which totaled around over 5,000 in full. I then had a Capital One card with a $250 limit. Eventually I closed that with it all being in good standing. That's all as for as any credit on my report. Since then we've always taken things out using my ex-husband's credit because his was excellent...The house, the car, Big Screens etc...all went under his name. We also strongly believed in using cash for many things and paid down on all our debt.

Fast forward to over a decade later and I'm now on my own with a very BARE credit file. CreditKarma has my TU score at 703 with only my student loan and closed Capital One card showing, initially. My vantage score was something like 698. Then an autoloan score which I have no idea about since I've never taken a car out in my name.

Anywhoo...In Jan I opened up a Fingerhut account and was given a 200 cl. I tried to apply for an Amazon card since I shop there almost exclusively(there and Walmart) and was denied;citing not enough credit history. In Feb, I decided to try my luck applying for another Capital One card, surprisingly, I was approved right away. I was positive I would have to go the secured route, but it turns out I didn't. I was approved with a $500 cl. This card does have a $39 annual fee.

Here's my thing...since my Capital One card does carry that fee, I know I'll want to ditch it eventually. I'm thinking I need another credit card within the same year, so that when I do eventually end up canceling this card, it won't affect my Age of Account(being that I'll have another for the same starting year). That one, I'll be wanting to be my oldest. So I need advice on what shall be "the one". With such a thing file and an urgency to get this going, which card should I apply for next that'll have a good probability of me getting it? Also, how soon shall I apply? I know I want both my Fingerhut and Capital One cards to show a steady 6 months reporting of on time payments...if not 1 whole year, but my goal is to have another card for the AoA thing. Any suggestions?

Btw, in Feb Fingerhut reported to the agencies. It made my TU score go from 703 to 704 and shot the other scores up about 40 points. Also, I don't know what my other 2 scores are because I get a message saying N/A at CreditSesame.

Thanks In Advance.
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