Giving thought to closing a few cards

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Postby FutureBillionaire » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:21 pm

I hope this thread dies a quick death. This place has been great to me for a while now. I hope it doesn't turn into mess. Everyone get back to talking about credit, please.
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Postby Moneytalks » Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:54 pm

FutureBillionaire wrote:I hope this thread dies a quick death. This place has been great to me for a while now. I hope it doesn't turn into mess. Everyone get back to talking about credit, please.

+1 Future bill, they have gone WAY off topic. I think I'm just going to ignore this thread altogether...
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Postby MemberSince99 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:04 pm

tlp123 wrote:Easy questions.

Plausible explanations?

What are you hiding?

Please explain yourself in a mature, reasonable manner.

Long, superfluous, emotional, rambling, unfocused diatribes are certainly not necessary.

They continue to undermine your credibility.


Seems almost kind of like a troll post, but on the off chance you're serious, I'll answer.

Plausible explanations for what specifically?

As for what am I hiding, not my identity, anymore. I tend to hide very little. As you pointed out, I tend to let it all hang out. I don't have much to bother hiding. Not really sure what you think I may be hiding? Not my feelings, obviously, nor my true opinions.

Not sure what explanation here you are looking for. Do you ask the sun why it rises every morning? You could ask it to explain itself in a logical manner (without any superfluous emotions that might cloud the sky) but that's about as productive as debating if rocks are edible.

Like you I'm here to learn and to share experiences. I try to help others where I can, and I ask for their help when I would like it. Seems reasonable doesn't it? Or is there more to it I just don't "get"?

If you don't find me credible you're 100% free to ignore whatever I say. The advice here is free, and as always, take it with a grain of salt. Now if you were paying me big money for my advice, I might agree you have an issue, but since it's free and it's on my time, well, I don't feel the need to prove my credentials.

Just saying.

Not meaning to be rude to you, but if you are just getting some laughs, more power to you, the world needs more of that and I hope you got some. If you're serious, I'm not sure what to say.

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