Credit One offer in the mail, good sign or bad?

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Credit One offer in the mail, good sign or bad?

Postby s.jessica » Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:40 pm

I wouldn't have paid much attention to this, but today I received a letter and on first glance I thought it was from Capital One, it had their signature swish and everything. Normally I would have threw it aside, but when I glanced it over I'm thinking "wow, Capital One has pre-approved me for $2,500" Then my heart sank, "@#$% Credit One! REEAAALLLYY?" Then I read the fine print, based on my credit they may offer me a $300 limit and the real kicker, there's a $95 AF! "Holy Torpedoes Batman! This better be an Amex Green!" Just what I need, a junk card with a toy limit and an AF that's higher than a Hippie at Woodstock!

Anyhow, if I'm getting offers from junk cards does that mean my credit sucks or does it mean I should be watching closer for better offers? Don't worry, I tossed it in the trash because I didn't want to get on the mailing list of suckers.

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Postby haikuginger » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:44 pm

Don't worry; I got a bunch of those right before I apped and got an $8900 limit Chase Marriott Premier.

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