Advice on tracking down a cc transaction

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Advice on tracking down a cc transaction

Postby BradAlex » Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:29 pm

I am trying to be a Good Samaritan but I'm getting no help from the credit card companies or the vendor. It's frustrating.

I was hoping someone here would have some ideas on how I should continue my quest.

Here's the situation. I was driving a shuttle bus in San Diego a few weeks ago for a large local event. At the end of the day I found a bag that contained a brand new windbreaker that someone had purchased at the event. The jacket still had the tags and the bag also contained the credit card slips from the purchase ($104 purchase price).

The vendor that was selling the jacket is like a carnival vendor in that they don't have any permanent stores. They travel around with the event selling their wares.

After a bit of work I got in touch with the vendor and told them the situation. They told me to get the jacket back to them and they would make sure it gets back to the rightful owner. Knowing this companies questionable ethics, I told them that I would rather keep the jacket and send it directly to the owner. They said that they would not be able to give me the owners’ personal information. I agreed and told them that they could contact the owner and give them my contact information and we would make arrangements to get it to them. The lady then advised me that they were operating 16 registers and they would not have time to go through the records to find the transaction ID since their system is not computerized. This contradicts her earlier statement when she told me they would make sure it gets to the owner if I got it back to them.

I asked about returning the jacket for a refund. The vendor promised that if I got it back to them they would credit the card (again, how could they do this without looking up the information). But they informed me that it would be illegal for them to give me proof of credit since I am not the cardholder.

Our conversation ended with the promise that if anyone called looking for a lost jacket, they would pass along my number.

I then figured the credit card company could help track it down through the transaction ID. I do not know what kind of card was used so I tried VISA. After waiting on hold for a half hour or so, I was finally able to explain the situation to a customer support person. She advised that they have no way of identifying a specific transaction from the Transaction ID number (unbelievable). I was transferred to a more knowledable supervisor whose best advice was to take the jacket to my local police station.

They paid $104 for the jacket. It would be nice if they got it. Or at least their money back.

Any ideas...., besides EBay?

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Postby jeffysdad » Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:26 am

try contacting the appropriate co. (Visa/MC/Amex) in writing and explain the situation as you have. A letter can get passed up the chain. When you call you're just talking to flunkies who don't know anything.

They most certainly can track transaction back to cardholder; that's how they catch people on the lam.

Try posting something on Craigslist about it in your city. Ask whoever tries to claim jacket to answer questions about jacket/transaction only they would know.

good luck
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Postby AnthonyBarone » Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:12 pm

Might want to try the local news. They love covering stories like this. A showing on the 5 o'clock news oughta help.

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