Should I up my credit limit?

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Should I up my credit limit?

Postby lorkat89 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:11 am

Alright so I've had my Capital One Secured Card for about 8 months now. And when I get to the year mark, I'm thinking of trying to get a better card. My limit started out at $200 and then they upped it to $300. I can deposit more money to raise the limit (up to $3,000). I want to raise my limit because I'm afraid if I go for another card with this one at only $300 that that's all I'll ever get. So will raising this card's limit help future limits? Does anyone know if it's a hard pull? or if this deposit will be refundable? Like the first deposit to get the card. I have tried looking on their site and asking in the chat, but I think they think I'm talking about when you first get the card.
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