EMV Chip + Signature worth it?

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EMV Chip + Signature worth it?

Postby lexrj » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:31 pm

Ok, so I'm going to Europe in a few months I'm still confused about the real need of the chip + signature credit cards.
I understand that Chip + Pin is the best way to go in Europe because of the automated kiosks and etc, but there are barely any "real" Chip + Pin available in the US (at least the I would consider getting for my trip).
I do see that there are some Chip + Signature available (Bofa Travel, BA Visa and etc) which I would be interested on getting if necessary.
So my question is, since none of those are "real" Chip + Pin, what's the point of having a Chip + Signature when in Europe? Is it going to work better than my regular (no chip) CCs? Should I get a Chip + Signature at all?
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