Ugh, trying to remove a nuisance collections from credit report

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Ugh, trying to remove a nuisance collections from credit report

Postby linenshark84 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:13 pm

In late summer of last year, I was heading to a wedding in a rental car in another state and received a speeding ticket. When I turned the car back in, I left the ticket in the glove box. My mistake, it was a bonehead move. I forgot about the ticket, and received a collections notice in the mail in December. I checked my credit, and there was no collections claim posted on my credit. I paid the fee immediately after I found out about it, and after receiving confirmation of the payment, I went on living life. The payment was received on December 27, 2012.

On Friday January 25, a collections claim was posted on my credit report, showing a paid in full claim. This is really bad timing as I am in the process of negotiating a home loan, and my credit score has since dropped from 780 to 660. I can no longer qualify for the loan because of this collections notice. I am mortified and pissed off. In ten years of managing payments, I have never had one negative mark.

I have heard of people who were able to negotiate the removal of collections from their credit reports by requesting it in exchange for full payment of the amount in collections. Seeing as this information was posted ONE MONTH after I paid in full, this is no longer an option for me. I can't bear the thought of a $200 claim costing my multiples of this in interest over the next several years. Does anyone have experience removing claims such as this in situations such as this? Has there been any violation of credit reporting practices here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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