Adding spouse to credit card to improve score?

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Adding spouse to credit card to improve score?

Postby maggi » Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:57 pm

Me and my husband are thinking of buying a house, and the realtor wants me to improve my credit score. Though, I do a lot of shopping with my credit card (I posses credit card since last 1 yr only), but still I guess my credit score is not good (I guess it's around 600).

She (the realtor) suggested my husband to put my name on his card (he has excellent credit score), so that my credit score can improve. Is this true? Will it affect my husband's credit score in any way? Would I get a separate credit card if he pulls my name on it? Is their any other option to get a good interest rate while loaning for home (which would not consider my credit score) . Thanks

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