Would I be able to get a small business credit card?

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Would I be able to get a small business credit card?

Postby s.jessica » Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:42 pm

What is required to get a credit card in the name of a sideline business? Does the business have to be in operation for a certain amount of time or generate a certain amount of money? Do they hard pull personal credit?

So far I have the EIN and I've opened a checking account in the business name. I would like to at least establish credit in the business name, is there any way to get a secured card for the the business? I tried to google this and got nothing.

Is it advisable to just get a personal card to start with and put all the business expenses on that? Right now I only have a couple crappy cards that really aren't worth keeping. I want to apply for at least one better card this year, so I want to try to avoid a bunch of needless hard pulls. I already have 2 hard pulls because I got stupid.

As I understand, business credit cards don't report their activity on your personal credit reports, is that correct? So far it's just myself, NO partners, NO employees. So I was just wondering if a small business card would be right for this situation.

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